Top Ten Excuses for Losing Weight

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10.  I will start tomorrow

9.  My friends/family won’t let me lose weight

8.  I have a bad knee/back, I can’t lose weight

7. I don’t know how to cook healthy

6. It’s not me, it’s my hormones/genes (yes, many have a medical problem – some just like to think it)

5. I don’t like to exercise

4. Healthy food costs too much

3. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work

2. It takes too much time

1.  I don’t have enough time!


Does this sound like you? Excuses, excuses, I think I have heard them all!  If you don’t want to lose weight – you won’t!  If you don’t try to lose weight – you won’t!  If you don’t take the time to lose weight – you won’t!   Simple as that! 


Most people know what to do to lose weight such as cut portions, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more and so on – many people are overweight because of the obstacles in their lives.  How do you manage living a healthy lifestyle?   These excuses are barriers that stand in the way from making people healthy. 


How do I overcome these barriers?

Set small daily goals as well as weekly and monthly goals.  Start small!!  Figure out how to buy healthy food on a budget.  Buy fruits and vegetables that are ONLY on sale.  The key is planning!  I have said it many times – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! And don’t forget to write it down!


What are your goals?  What are your barriers?  Identify them and strive to overcome them each day!

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