Monday Motivation

Do you ever wonder how many calories you burn when you workout?  Besides using the bodybugg –

Previous DD post on the Bodybugg a device that you wear all day long that tells you exactly how many calories you burn during the day, I have found some websites that roughly estimate your calorie burn for a specific exercise. – this website gives you a walking, running, in-line skating, bicycling and elliptical calculator.  Plus it also gives you a RMR and BMI calculator.  RMR – resting metabolic – how many calories you burn at rest.  BMI – body mass index – ratio to height and weight.  

This is not 100% accurate like the the bodybugg but at least it gives you a range of your caloric output.  It is nice to know how many calories you burn because for all that hard work you do it can be gone in just a matter of minutes. 


For example, I ran five miles and burned 472 calories according to my height, weight, pace, distance and length of time.   For that many calories I could eat one large cookie from Jimmy Johns and pretty much be in balance (cookie 421).   That is why it is nice to keep track of calories in and calories out.  It all comes to a reality check – wow. 

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