Monday Motivation – Make it Happen!

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Have you ever said to yourself, “Tomorrow I will start eating better and start exercising.”   What exactly is the hold up?   Pull out your favorite pair of skinny jeans that are a little snug and try them on.  It will remind you of where you want to be.  Make your healthy goal weight happen today!


Remember, everyday does not have to perfect.  If you screw up at one point of the day, that is fine, just make the next meal better.  Take an hour of you day to sit down and plan out your goals.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1)  Why do you want to be healthier?

2)  What are the benefits of being healthier?


By making these simple changes it will help you and only you!  Do this for you – you are worth it!


Bring out those skinny jeans or pull out that favorite picture of yourself that you dream to be again.  See yourself in that spot again today – make it happen!

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