Favorite Friday Product – Planters Go-Paks

Favorite Friday Product – Planters Go-Paks


A great snack to pack!   These little packs are a good size and will keep you feeling full.  Don’t be scared by the nutrition facts – again with nuts there is always lots of healthy fats!


They are a variety of blends with different mixes of nuts.  The one that I have been snacking on is the Heart Healthy MIx – peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts.  A blend of every nut imaginable and it is such a great treat! 

Here is the nutrition profile for the heart healthy blend.

260 calories; 23g fat; 2.5g sat fat; 8g polyunsaturated; 12g monounsaturated (wow!); 75mg sodium (wow again!); 8g carbohydrates; 4g fiber (yeah!); 9g protein (wow).  Besides the nuts, the only other added ingredients are cottonseed oil and sea salt.  With the high amount of fat, fiber and protein, it will definitely keep you feeling full!  Since the product uses sea salt, you still get the salty flavor without the high sodium content.


A winner in all categories!  For those of you that were apart of the no-fat, low-fat era – please give these nuts a chance!