Junk Food Averted!

So the other night my daughter was wanting more M&M’s and the few mommy gave were of course not enough.  Once I said no to the sweet words of “Can I PLEASE have some more?!” gave me the warning this may get worse and it did! She started to whine and cry because I was not reaching for the M&Ms and I was trying to think of every food diversion possible.  I knew she was hungry because she did not have a very good dinner.  Quick, think of something she might like as I started pulling all my healthier options out from the cupboard and fridge.  Ooh, look at this, doesn’t this look good, I love these –I was trying to make anything sound better than M&Ms.


As I was searching through the fridge I did find 100% whole wheat tortillas – that is it!  As the tears were dropping down and her whines getting louder, I quickly pulled out a tortilla and bit out two holes for my eyes.  I peeked my eyes out and said, “I see you!”  Those tears quickly turned into laughs.  Then I added a nose and mouth to my tortilla.  She absolutely loved it! She wanted her own tortilla too!  Well, in the end she did eat a whole tortilla and some of mine as well as a slice of cheese.  Ahh, I feel better now knowing she more than just sugar for her after dinner snack.  


After this feeling of success I thought I need to have more good ideas like this.  I will come up with some more and share them to you!

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