Lactose or Dairy Free?

Are you intolerant to lactose or dairy?  Maybe you have a slight intolerance and avoid milk and other dairy items. Do you supplement with other items to get your calcium?  Calcium is extremely important in the body and we do get the best sources of calcium from milk, yogurt and cheese.  But for some of you it may be hard to get the necessary recommended calcium because you may not be able to tolerate these foods or you just don’t have them in your diet.


Obviously foods are the best sources of calcium but many will supplement.  For supplements, we generally only absorb about a little more than half the amount listed from most pill-form supplements.  Other foods such as broccoli and salmon just to name a few are good sources of calcium – so it may be nice to include other foods into your diet as well.  A good source is at least 10% recommended daily value of calcium or 100 mgs.  A great source is 30% or 300mg of calcium.


Many people will supplement with soy milk and like dairy, some people may not tolerate soy very well – such as myself.  So I wanted to talk about a new item that may be be helpful for some of you – almond milk!



Almond milk is fortified and naturally a good source of calcium, providing a great source of calcium at 30% or 300 milligrams.  Truthfully, I was very scared to try this milk because I am not a big fan of soy milk – I absolutely love cow’s milk – but this almond milk was very good.  Now, remind you I tried the vanilla sweetened flavor which tasted very good.  Not a bad substitute.  The only downfall with this milk is that it does not contain protein, only about one gram of protein – so remember to get your protein in.  This brand has a very nice flavor!


Give it a shot if you are wanting something different!

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