Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts

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For some reason I get a little excited getting breakfast at a restaurant, probably because that is because I can treat myself to some coffee!  But the downside of that is coffee drinks can sure pack on the calories, especially when you just start your day.


Dunkin’ Donuts just arrived in town and I had some coupons and wanted to try it out since I have heard such good things about their coffee.  What I really like about their coffee drinks is adding a flavor to your coffee with only adding a few calories AND it cost much less!  There are a variety of flavor caramel, hazelnut and blueberry just to name a few.  For a small flavored coffee you add on only more 10 calories! I ordered a medium so tack on a couple a more calories but it only cost me a little over $2.


Then I ordered an egg and cheese wake up wrap  – only 180 calories; 10g fat; 7g protein. This sandwich was only 99 cents!


Good buys at Dunkin’ Donuts for calories and price!


Egg and cheese wake up wrap

wake up wrap


Nutrition Facts at Dunkin’ Donuts

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