Steam It!

One day I was running through the TV channels and went past QVC when I saw them advertising a steamer.  They were marketing it toward healthy eating and quick meals you can prepare in the steamer.  I thought to myself, I have one of those, I need to use it more!



Macy’s steamer


So last night I made tilapia in my steamer!  I placed frozen tilapia fillets down on the first tier.  Seasoned them graciously with a Mrs. Dash Blend.  I added a couple of slices of lemon, green pepper and onions over the top of the fillets.  They were done in about 20 to 25 minutes!


What a great no-fuss way to make dinner! I will have to try it with chicken next! Plus if you steam veggies – this is the best way to prepare them in order to retain all the nutrients!

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