Favorite Friday Product – Snapea Crisps

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snap pea crisps

Don’t be afraid just because it is green – it tastes like a crunchy chip or I have had some people call it a green Cheeto.  Oddly enough, the first ingredient IS green snap peas! 


A pretty reasonable snack to satisfy your crunch and savory cravings!


Here are the facts:

22 pieces for 150 calories; 8g fat; 1g sat fat; 0g trans fat; 160mg sodium; 14g carbohydrates, 2g fiber; 5g protein, 6% vitamin C; 6% calcium; 4% iron.


Not too bad  – you get a good amount for the serving size plus it is low in sodium and you even get some protein, fiber and some nutrients!  You may be thinking, wow, 8 grams of fat!  I can’t eat this!  But REMEMBER to question yourself – WHAT TYPE OF FAT IS IT?  You notice there is only 1g saturated fat and 0g trans fats which are the “bad guys.”  Therefore, we can assume the rest are pretty healthy fats.


Notice they market it for a salad topper but a great snack – for kids too!

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