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A Breakfast of Champions

Pin ItWhat is the most important meal of the day?  Yes, we all know it is breakfast.  The meal to… Continue reading »

Top Ten Ways to Cut Calories at a Picnic

Pin ItSummer is one of the best times to increase your healthy habits such as eating more fruits and vegetables… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product – Jimmy Dean BK Sandwiches

Pin It What is for breakfast?  JD BK sandwiches!  These are fantastic!  Only 260 to 290 calories and a whopping… Continue reading »

Lactose or Dairy Free?

Pin ItAre you intolerant to lactose or dairy?  Maybe you have a slight intolerance and avoid milk and other dairy… Continue reading »

Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts

Pin It   For some reason I get a little excited getting breakfast at a restaurant, probably because that is… Continue reading »

Pulled Chicken

Pin ItOk, I think I have done this recipe a million and one ways but I think this one is… Continue reading »

Monday Motivation – What is go-to activity?

Pin ItWhen you are bored, what do you? Many times we turn to food when there is just nothing else… Continue reading »