Picnic Favorites!

Picnic Favorites!

For your Memorial Day picnic here are some top products to serve at your party!



These sausages come in all flavors and great on the grill! Low in fat, high in protein and packed with a ton of flavor – yummy!

al fresco chicken sausages



For a simple pasta, load up on the whole grains and veggies with this recipe below.  Have it for leftovers tomorrow for you lunch and it will taste even better! High fiber, whole grain noodles and don’t forget to add any veggies you like.  If you have more dressing, just add whatever you have in your frig or pantry to extend the dressing.

Zesty Pasta Salad Recipe – The best pasta salad ever!



The perfect food before you have your main dish – veggies and dip!  Try this simple recipe to add some flavor to your veggies.  You will love the dip so much, you will get your veggies worth!

Very Veggie Dip




Dessert for everyone to enjoy and no mess!  Throw out these portion-controlled ice cream treats that taste like the real thing, just a bit smaller and will not throw off calorie budget for the meal over the top.  They come in a variety of flavor.  The perfect way to end your picnic. 

Lil Drumsticks