Kids Snack Activity

If you get kids involved in making their own, the more likely they eat it.  So if you pick healthier foods, they will too!


I don’t believe in not letting my child have “bad food” such as chocolate.  I truly try to set an example of moderation.  If she is eating some chocolate chips, which she loves, I will let her have a couple and then pull out a banana and start eating and say, “This banana is so good!”  Now, of course she is only 2 1/2  and easily influenced but hopefully this will latch on for the rest of the years. 


I remember in grade school, one of my friends was not allowed to eat potato chips and when she would come to my house – she would eat the entire bag!


Here is a super simple snack for kids to do.  They love making these little butterflies and perfect time of the year!

Butterfly Snack Bag

Serves 1


½ cup grapes

7 cheese cubes


  1. Place all ingredients in a sandwich bag.
  2. Tie a pipe cleaner in the center of the bag.
  3. Curl under the excess pipe cleaner to look like antenna.