Get your veggies worth!

Even though I know all the health benefits of the beautiful dark leafy greens, high-antioxidant orange and yellow squashes and all the other vegetables – lately I just haven’t been very good at getting in at least 2 cups a day.


Of course, the other day there was a bag of regular potato chips and dip and I sure enjoyed them but I could have went and got some veggies but I did not.  I didn’t think the dip would go well with vegetables.


My mother made a wonderful spinach dip for Easter but I thought let’s use Greek yogurt and pump up the protein, eliminate the fat and increase the calcium in the dip!


Here you have a VERY tasty dip for your veggies and notice you even get some veggies in the dip!

This is a good one to save in your recipe file!


Very Veggie Dip

Serves 16.

All you need:
1 pkg Hy-Vee frozen chopped spinach, thawed

1 (17 oz) container Greek yogurt
1 pkg Lipton™ vegetable soup mix
Variety of vegetables, cut up if needed
All you do:

1.Place thawed spinach in a dish towel and squeeze out remaining water. Continue process until spinach is dry.

2.Mix spinach with yogurt and soup mix.

3.Serve with a variety of fresh-cut vegetables.