Monday Motivation – Get back on track!

It is time to get back on track and forget about those bumpy times when exercise was not a priority.  That is the key – make it a priority – schedule it into your day.  Sometimes the best time to exercise, if possible, is early in the morning!  I know this can be very difficult but I love coming home and knowing that I have already worked out, aahhh!  If you have a schedule, you  will be more likely to do it.  Or buddy up with a friend or family member and you will be more accountable to getting that daily exercise done! Spring is the perfect time to get back on track – so don’t waste anymore time!


Not a runner? Want to run your first mile? Ever thought about running a 5K?

Here are some great links to pumping up your exercise plan and overcoming a new obstacle – running!

Place this training program somewhere visible you can see it every day!  I love checking things off a list or chart and I personally do better if I have a program instead of spontaneously working out each day.


4 weeks to run a mile

Beginner Runner 10wk program

Train for your first 5K


Reward yourself!  Non food that it – if you complete this program for the month, treat yourself to that movie or book you have been wanting to buy.  You deserve it!  You accomplished a new goal!