Monday Motivation

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Ugh, need more sleep!  It is hard when you don’t get enough sleep and you are supposed to be energized on this Monday morning but somebody (me) has a very bad case of the “Monday’s.”   So . . . I was thinking I got to keep moving today and make the most of my day! 


That is right, I am going to try to move as much as possible and then when I get home from work take a little cat nap?! 


Move, move, move!  When you are tired your are fighting everything – sluggishness, crankiness and some studies have shown that you eat more when you are tired.  Plus, not only do they show you eat more but you are more likely to go for the “not-so-good” foods such as foods higher in fat!  So I plan to have some salad bar for lunch or a bunch of fruit along with a sandwich.


We all have these days but just be aware of the consequences.  Sleep is very crucial in balancing your life but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.  Oh well, I am going to drink up on my fluids first to keep me hydrated today to help me feeling more refreshed.   Remember, drink your water first before the caffeine – I know it is hard but it will help!


Good luck today and I will try and do my best as well!

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