Favorite Friday Product- Subway BK

Favorite Friday Product- Subway BK



The other morning I had a coupon to try Subway’s new breakfast sandwiches and I will have to say I really enjoyed it!  I love egg sandwiches on an English muffin and have had many but this one had a nice flavor combination that was different. 


I had the black forest ham, egg and cheese sandwich served on a light wheat English muffin, black forest ham, melted cheese and choice of egg or egg white.  Then I got to add any veggies I wanted.  I think this is what made the sandwich really good – pepper, onions and tomatoes – yummy!!     This sandwich only cost me 180 calories, 7g fat (because I got the real egg), 18g carbs, 5g fiber!!! and 15g of protein.  WOW! The protein and fiber filled me up!


Good idea on Subway’s part to make a hearty, wholesome breakfast in the morning too.  Oh and by the way – the coffee was good too!  Try them out – they are also served on a sandwich bun or a flatbread, which I can’t wait to try the flatbread!


Subway Breakfast!