Better Breakfast Ideas

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Wake up. . . what to eat for breakfast?  Some people are creatures of habit and like the same oatmeal every morning or peanut butter toast but I would have to say I like to change things up a bit.


Here are my top two new favorites!

Yoplait Smoothie mixes


These come frozen, right by the frozen fruits.  Each packet makes two servings and you just add a cup of milk to the entire mix and throw it in the blender!  I added a bit more milk because I like to drink mine through a straw, which it actually made three servings instead of two.  At first it tasted like a regular smoothie and then I got hooked and finished off the third helping – yummy!  The really cool thing about this mix – it contains frozen chunks of yogurt!  I thought they were bananas, silly me. This is a great way to get some calcium and a ton of antioxidants from all the berries.  This is the flavor that I tried – triple berry – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.  So simple and delicious!  There is another flavor and I can’t wait to try that one too.



Stonyfield Organic Oikos (0%fat) Greek Yogurt

I absolutely love Greek yogurt! I will have to say I do love any true Greek yogurt (not a claimed “Greek” yogurt with extra protein powder).  I do have some friends that love one brand over another but I like them all which is why I like to feature all kinds!  The other day I had the vanilla flavor and then I added frozen blueberries – it was like dessert!  I was also very impressed by the nutrition facts too.  The vanilla had only 110 calories with 15grams of protein! A great way to get some protein to help fill you up and with only 110 calories! This is perfect for a snack but if you have it for breakfast – you have room to add something else!  Enjoy the creamy goodness of Greek yogurts!

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