Organics – Taste the Difference!

Organics – Taste the Difference!


I have always heard organic foods always taste better than conventional foods.  I could never really tell the difference until recently when I bought an organic red delicious apple.   To me, conventional red delicious apples really don’t have much flavor but the organic counterpart was wonderful!  I also buy other varieties of organic apples and agree the flavor is more powerful.  Maybe I just was not trying the right foods?


What is organic?


Especially with children, I think it is important to expose less harmful products to their tiny little bodies and immune systems.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have shown some correlations between harmful pesticides/chemicals link to sensitivity in children.

There is always so much more . . .



My other favorite organic produce is leafy greens!  They taste better and I love the packaging – they last for a week!  Get all those good nutrients from those dark colored greens everyday instead of going back to the store when your lettuce has gone bad.