Monday Motivation – Put down your fork


There were times this weekend I think I could have eaten my arm (I am about about 8 months prego)  but there were times when I thought I inhaled it.  I was putting in bites of food when my mouth was full.  Has this ever happened to you? Again something simple as to putting down your fork between bites can be so mindless!


Remember it does take about 20 minutes for your brain to recognize your “full” feeling!


Also, spring is here and good weather usually means eating more nutritious foods such as more fruits and vegetables that are in season!  Studies have shown your cravings for sweets and fats will subside over time if you limit the amount that you eat – you may find this out yourself after you start eating a healthier diet.  Try cutting out saturated fats from fast food and limit your sweet intake for five to six weeks and your taste buds will let you know those foods are not as satisfying as they were before.


Take it one food at a time – start slow – what is your biggest vice?  Fried chicken, French fries, chocolate cake?  Find one food and you don’t have to necessarily remove it from your diet just LIMIT the amount you eat!!!! Does your stomach really want it or just your mind?  The mind is a very powerful thing.  Are you stronger than your mind? 


Thought for the day . . .