Favorite Friday Product – True Delights

Quaker® True Delights® Cafe Squares, chewy granola squares


Quaker Cafe Squares - Dark Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut


Get your chocolate-fix and satisfy your sweet tooth with this little granola treat!

One bar is 110 calories; 3.5g fat; 19g carbs; 3g fiber; 2g protein; 10% iron.

9 whole grains, good source of fiber, calcium and iron


They are little but I think that is because it is a different shape than regular 110 calorie granola bar. They definitely have a ton of flavor and would go perfectly with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee for breakfast or a snack!

The picture on the box is exactly what the bar looks likes – an extreme granola bar with extra chocolate and nuts. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!  I was very impressed!  I have tried the dark chocolate mocha hazelnut and the raspberry mocha and both are yummy!