Kid-Friendly Yogurts

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NEW!  Yoplait® Simply . . .GoGurt (TM) – portable lowfat yogurt made from 1% milk and added vitamin A&D!

  • Good source of calcium and vitamin D
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Made with milk from cows NOT treated with rBST/rBGH

Mainstream yogurt goes “natural” – you can taste the difference!  This way of eating seems to be more and more popular as people, especially mothers, are asking how was this made?  Keeping the “junk” out your children’s food is very important as so many processed foods contain very little nutrition.


What I really love about this product – added Vitamin D!  Supplements are extremely hard for children to take at times (right now we are going through that phase) – so this is the time to make sure the child is eating a proper diet.  Vitamin D is getting some huge press with all the new findings that it may be associated with – very exciting.  Vitamin D recommendations should be making its way to new guidelines soon, so keep your ears open!  Vitamin D may help improve a number of health issues including, diabetes, immune health, kidney health and much more!



My other favorite is Stonyfield Farms YoKids Squeezers.  This definitely wins the taste challenge.  This is the best tasting yogurt, ever!  Made with six live active cultures, no artificial colors, flavors, and of course no hormones.  Stonyfield Farm is the world’s leading organic yogurt maker.  I will have to say all of their yogurt tastes wonderful – I am hooked.   After eating their yogurt, I can totally tell the difference from other yogurts with preservatives and especially artificial sweeteners.

Check out more on Stonyfield’s Mission


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