Favorite Friday Product – Holy Cow, Skinny Cow!

Holy cow, Skinny Cow® has new individual ice cream  cups!  Flavors include: chocolate fudge brownie, strawberry cheesecake, dulce de leche, caramel cone and cookies ‘n cream!  All flavors except caramel cone are only 150 calories! Caramel cone is 170 calorie but it sure was wonderful! 



This is the perfect treat for the upcoming summer months.  It is portion sized just right and is as decadent as any ice cream you would order at a restaurant!    I had to leave and come back to my ice cream today and couldn’t wait to get back and eat some more.  I was so impressed by how good it was! 


All flavors also contain 4 grams of fiber per serving!  When you take out some of the fat, they replace it with fiber (known as inulin on the ingredient listing) to help the product give it a soft mouth-feel consistency.


Be aware if you find other single serving size treats to look at the servings per container.  This 5.8-oz cup is ONE serving.  I have seen some other little singles and they serve two!  Are you kidding, who is really going to take a bite of ice cream and leave the rest out of a small container?  Come on!


This product is definitely a winner in my book and can’t wait to try ALL the flavors.  Perfect serving size, nice amount of calories and ideal treat to satisfy a sweet tooth!    Sometimes it is best to stick to single servings because if I were to buy a whole container of this ice cream – I might be in trouble!