Restaurant Nutrition Facts Made Law

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Will this really help lower the rates of obesity?

President Barack Obama’s new federal law requires restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to disclose calorie counts on their food items and supply information on how many calories a healthy person should eat in a day. This law will also affect vending machines, too.  The goal is to help educate consumers in the hope they make healthier choices.


What do you think?  Will you rethink your first menu choice if there is 1,000 in your sandwich?


I think it may influence some people but there are many others that really don’t care.  I was looking at the McDonald’s menu last night and very surprised by some of the numbers – not only calories but also sodium!  There is so much sodium in fast food, many items are between 1000 to 1200 mg of sodium (40-50% of your entire day recommendation).


I did find McDonald’s little nutrition chart to be very helpful!  It lists calories, protein, fat, carbs and sodium plus it also list the daily value percent you are consuming based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which not everyone needs to follow.  There is a little dotted line that represents one-third of the recommended amount to help you balance three meals a day.   I thought this was very clever and very simple to understand once I read the info.


Personally I don’t think it is a bad idea, especially with how much Americans eat out on a weekly basis.  We need to know!!  We need to be informed!!  I know sometimes even when I think a menu would be an okay choice and then I look up the nutrition facts and say WOW – I won’t make that meal a habit! 

Hopefully people will be aware of the facts and take more responsibility for their health.  This doesn’t mean you can’t eat out anymore just keep it in moderation and make healthier choices at restaurants.  There is always something not too bad on the menu or vending machine and remember it is all about MODERATION and PORTION SIZE!!!!!!!  There is always a kiddie cone on the menu (it just may not be listed!), so you can even enjoy ice cream too! There is always a grilled boneless skinless chicken breast without mayo.  There is always a salad and find a low-fat dressing to dip on the side.  There is always a small hamburger for around 250 calories.  And now there are some new items that rate pretty good on nutrition facts too!


We are in an obesity epidemic and something needs to be stopped – especially when the stats show that parents are outliving their parents – definitely something wrong with that!


Just be aware and it is your choice.  I don’t buy all that crap about healthy food being too expensive or I am too busy, fast food is the only option, etc.  Again, if you have to go to a restaurant, fine – you are given the information to make the choice for you!  If you want a nice hamburger get it but maybe not the fries.  I make my choices according to what I am craving and I get what I want. If I really want ice cream I will order a salad and then I have small ice cream later or I might be wanting a nice juicy hamburger and omit the fries and ice cream.


Again it is your choice!

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