Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Let’s Help!

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Wow! ABC’s Food Revolution show with Jamie Oliver set out to help the fattest city in America get healthy!

So my TV did not record the show from last Friday (it will be on again and on the internet) but it did record Oprah and I pretty much caught the whole show.  I will have to say I could not sleep Friday night because I was so disgusted, inspired, enlightened, enraged – all at the same time.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Watch all the episodes from the website! Should be on again this coming Friday

Here is a little bit more info from the website

Yes, Jamie Oliver is here to start a revolution. The impassioned chef is taking on obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the USA, where our nation’s children are the first generation NOT expected to live as long as their parents. Now that’s scary!

Jamie is inviting viewers to take a stand and change the way America eats, in our home kitchens, schools and workplaces with the thought-provoking new series,

In the six-part series, Jamie heads to Huntington, West Virginia. Why? Well, Huntington has been called the unhealthiest city in America. Jamie wants to do something about that. Through his efforts in this one town, he hopes to start a chain reaction of positive change across the country.


You can also go to his website and sign a petition Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition


This show really drives home a great message about what we are feeding our children and how it is hurting them!  I saw this first hand the other day and let me say I was sick to my stomach, broken hearted and again a little bit angry!  Here is what I saw – a 10 year old Hispanic, obese girl with a tray full of food.  I am not kidding you – it looked like it was a picture taken out of Newsweek with a headline saying – “We are killing our children!”  She had a plate of Chinese piled with extra eggroll, another plate with a couple slices of pizza that were overflowing on the plate and a couple bags of Doritos in the middle.  I couldn’t help but stare as tears came to my eyes.  She was with her family eating for lunch or dinner around 3:30 p.m.  Everyone in the family was obese and just by looking they probably had diabetes (I am sure the young girl did), high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more.  The girl was eating two very large slices of pizza, a bag of Doritos and a 16-ounce HiC drink.  I guestimated her meal to be around 1300 calories.  The poor child, the poor family – what is wrong with the way we eat today?


I will have to say Jamie is dealing with what I deal with everyday – the difficulties of turning people over to a new leaf.  Why are people sometimes so resistant when you just want to help them improve their health? 

So I was in an unfamiliar town and I picked up some lunch for my parents and I at McDonalds.  I thought, hmm . . . let’s get them some grilled chicken snack wraps – I am sure they have never tried them before because they usually get a hamburger.  And don’t get me wrong – they do ok by getting a whopper jr and a salad when they go out to eat in their town – at least they picked up the portion control from me!   I am not sure if they really liked the wraps because they had to douse it in ketchup – really?  They are always good supporters of my work but like everyone else new health foods may be hard to get used?  I don’t really understand?   Do people already have a mindset thinking – this is going to taste like crap before they even try it and then it turns them off?  Whereas I usually think, awesome a healthier option I can’t wait to try it and then I am usually impressed? I definitely think the mind is very powerful. 

EVERYSINGLE DAY I HAVE PEOPLE TURN UP THEIR NOSES AT MY FOOD ONCE THEY KNOW I MADE AND IT IS SUPPOSEDLY CALLED “HEALTHY.”    I think I have heard all the comments in the book to a kind no thank you to I don’t eat healthy food and many more.  After telling one person to try my amazing pomegranate blueberry cupcake (IT IS CAKE PEOPLE!!) he didn’t even try it and said what it is really should be called is junk. Oh yeah, just kidding, haha – maybe you should care!


To that I will have to say those you have tried my creations are more than amazed from black bean brownies to fruit pizza.  They always eat it first and then I tell them what is in and they, “You’re kidding, right!”  So that is nice but those that don’t even try the food – that REALLY makes me mad.


So the question of the day is how do you make people care?  Do what Jamie Oliver did – is it the scary statistics or really twisting their arm and showing them healthy food CAN taste good.  Now he did show the outraged radio announcer how big a large coffin is today compared to the normal coffins and that was the turning point for him.


Hopefully, people will slowly start to change their mindset and realize we are at a dead end.  Start the change even if it takes one person at a time.

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