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Blue Diamond Natural Nut-Thins


Not only does Blue Diamond make nuts but they also make crackers!  These are one of my favorite crackers!  I think the USDA My Pyramid should also have a “crunch” food group and these crackers would definitely fall into this category.  Sometimes you are craving that crunch and these little guys sure satisfy that crunch craving!


They have many different flavors including: hint of sea salt, almond, hazelnut, pecan, smokehouse, cheddar cheese, country ranch and a new flavor barbeque.  I have tried all of them except the new barbeque flavor – they are all wonderful! 

They are wheat and gluten free for those with allergies or celiac disease (but make note it is produced in a facility with other wheat products).


Nutrition Fact:  Serving ~ 16 crackers; 130 calories; 4 gm total fat; 0.5 gm saturated fat (yeah!) 0 gm trans fat; 0 mg cholesterol, 250 mg sodium, 22 gm carbs, less than 1 gm fiber; 0 sugars; 3 gm protein

*all of varieties are similar but this was based on the cheddar flavor

Use these as a snack or I have even used them as a breading on my chicken – yummy!


Great flavor, great crunch, great snack!

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