Monday Motivation – Biggest Loser Wii game

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After a long and tiring weekend – now it is time to get back on track. Maybe some nicer weather will help this.


According to the latest joint American Heart Association/American College of Sports Medicine guidelines on physical activity, all healthy adults ages 18–65 should be getting at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days of the week. American Heart Asssociation

Do you get this amount every week?


For most of us it can be very difficult. Well the other day I wanted to try something different and opened up the Biggest Loser Wii game.  Here are my observation and as I keep playing it I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

PROS: It does have a nice set-up program that weighs you, tracks your goals and you can even put in your calories for the day to keep you on track.

It has the essence of a real video game when you do the challenges as you hear Jillian and Bob’s familiar voices – which was exciting and motivating by itself!  The challenges were simple and you would usually do about three rounds of the same exercise before going to another challenge.  You will pick your favorite Biggest Loser contestant and be them for the game.  Examples of challenge exercises were triceps dips, mountain climber, wood chops, “football run” and more.

I do like the little calorie burner at the bottom of the screen.  Each time you burn a calorie a little symbol is added and makes a little ding – keeps you motivated, but sometimes I would say, “that is it?”  I guess it puts the calorie burn into perspective. 

At the bottom left of the screen there is a little “Jillian or Bob” in the circle showing you how to do the exercise as make some ground in the challenge. There is also a little timer to show you how much long you have to do the exercise – which really helps.

I did get a good toning burn in my legs from the warm-up from doing different swats and lunges.  This is good for someone just getting starting with an exercise regimen and you could do a couple of challenges and be done with the game if you wanted. 

The warm-up is something I COULD do everyday!


CONS:  It would not let you stop what you are doing and go to a different challenge or quick play.  I did have some difficulty in maneuvering my way around the game.  I did the same warm-up exercises twice and I was getting very bored – but this was probably the user’s fault.  Truthfully, the first time I did this game I was not too impressed by the game but once I did it a  couple more times it was much better.  I am not giving up on the game yet – again I will get back to you in a week or two and keep you posted.  It did make me to some strength training which I have a hard time doing by myself.  The challenge or cardio portion of the game would be a good addition to a workout one to two times a week to change things up – it didn’t have my attention for something I could do everyday – besides the warm-up.


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