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Need to lower your cholesterol?  Well, today’s product is a great breakfast or snack bar that can help lower your cholesterol!

Kardea Nutrition Bar

Whenever I look at the nutrition facts and ingredients in a bar I usually want just a little more of a nutrient than what it actually says – but I am very impressed with the nutrition facts and ingredients in this bar.


Only 150 calories

  • 7 gms total fiber (3 gm soluble fiber – this fiber acts like a sponge and soaks up the cholesterol)
  • 7 gms protein (to help fill you up and some  heart-healthy soy protein too)
  • 1 gm plant sterols (to help lower you LDL or “lousy” cholesterol)

I have personally seen some great with results when adding plant sterols to the diet to help lower cholesterol without using a statin drug.  Some people are lucky enough to just manage cholesterol through diet, while others may have a genetic predisposition.


Now the big question, do they taste good?   YES!  I have had many people try them and agree the taste is definitely a winner.  My favs are cranberry almond and chai spice (goes great with a cup of coffee for an afternoon snack).


This would be a great addition to your diet if you do want to lower you cholesterol – and if you don’t – great too!

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