Eat like a toddler

Ok, this is true to some extent – my point is – have you ever watched a toddler eat?  They really listen to their body when they are truly hungry and stop when they are full.  I have noticed this numerous times with my daughter.   We sit down to eat and she is the life of the party – food is the last thing on her mind.  However, there are times when I know she has not had much to eat and she is not so much the show-off as usual.

Simple as it is for a toddler – eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full – but this concept can be especially hard for adults.   

How did we get to this point?  Food is our culture.  If we go out for entertainment, we will usually go out to eat.  Think of holidays, the gathering is always around food.


Another observation – toddlers eat what they really want.  Take this morning, I asked if she wanted some cereal or some toast as I opened up the frig but she was set on yogurt and only yogurt!   Of course there are times when she just wanted not-so-good food too.  I do let her have some of those foods otherwise she will probably end up being like my classmate in grade school whose parents never ever let her have junk food. When she would come over to my house for parties the little-stick girl would down a whole bag of Doritos – yikes!   Showing children that all foods can be eaten in moderation and having a healthy base of carbs, protein and fat.   I have seen my daughter turn down cookies or other “treats” because she was not hungry.  She just wanted to play – it was not time to eat.


Think of these characteristics of a toddler next time you reach for food.