Monthly Archives: March 2010

Restaurant Nutrition Facts Made Law

Pin ItWill this really help lower the rates of obesity? President Barack Obama’s new federal law requires restaurant chains with… Continue reading »

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Let’s Help!

Pin ItWow! ABC’s Food Revolution show with Jamie Oliver set out to help the fattest city in America get healthy!… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product

Pin ItToday’s winner is Dannon® Greek Yogurt! I have posted many comments about Greek yogurt as well as recipes from… Continue reading »

Foods to Lower your Cholesterol!

Pin ItOf course a healthy diet (low in saturated fat, trans fat free and high in fiber) is always essential… Continue reading »

New Vitamin Waters

Pin ItVitamin Water Zero – naturally sweetened (This is the one I tried – not too bad)   These waters… Continue reading »

Get the Kids Cooking! – Let’s Make Sherbet!

Pin ItSummer is just around the corner and I have the perfect recipe for a summer-fun treat!  Pineapple Sherbet Serves… Continue reading »

Monday Motivation

Pin ItAs heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death, I have also included the new 2008 map… Continue reading »