Monthly Archives: February 2010

Did I blow it at the drive-thru last night?

Pin ItSo last night I was near a new restaurant that I rarely eat at and it was just about… Continue reading »

Pump up your immune system

Pin It  I am punching out and using my yearly “sick card” with a nasty cold and sore throat.  So… Continue reading »

The “No-Recipe” Caramel Apple Salad

Pin ItAre you craving something sweet but don’t want to break your calorie budget and still want it to be… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product

Pin ItSoBe Lifewater – 0 calories, naturally sweetened.  I love this product and have tried every single flavor of the… Continue reading »

Quick Cooking Quinoa

Pin ItQuinoa is pronounced keen-wa), and is a grain that comes from South America. It is an ancient super food… Continue reading »

Sweet Satisfying Snacks

Pin ItNow there are many times where we just want something sweet.  Think after you eat a big holiday meal… Continue reading »

Satisfying Snacks

Pin ItAgain think protein and fiber to help fill you up for your snacks! Protein choices may include, deli meats,… Continue reading »