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I thought since the last post was about eating more veggies, this week’s favorite should be some delicious veggies.  This week’s favorite product goes to Green Giant frozen vegetables.  There are many varieties but here are some of my favorites – great for two people!


Healthy Weight blend has a mixture of snap peas, carrots, black beans and edamame (\ˌe-də-ˈmä-mā\ Pronuciation.   Edamame are immature soybeans, loaded with protein, fiber and even some omega-3s!  They may look similar to a lima bean but they do not taste like them, so don’t turn away just yet.  They have a light flavor and very yummy to add to soups, pasta dishes and more. I love them!

They come in a little pod – so my first experience with them, I ate the entire pod and bean (see picture below).  My first thought was, boy lots of roughage but not too bad.  Then I see everyone else around the table popping out the edamame bean, eating it and leaving the pod sit on the plate. Oh, I get it, you don’t eat the pod just the little “beans” inside of the pod. What do you expect, growing up on a farm we did not waste food.  So in this case I usually buy edamame frozen and already shelled – then I don’t have to mess with any of the waste.  But if you have never tried them before and maybe a little scared of edamame – this is the perfect way to try them for the first time.  The blend of veggies are lightly flavored with a butter sauce.  You just heat the bag in the microwave and serve. 


The calories are great – 90 calories, 5 grams fiber and 5 grams protein!  Plus loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals too!  The package serves two but you could definitely eat the entire bag for lunch and still have a good source of protein and fiber for the meal.




Here are some more varieties that are wonderful too!  A great way to get your veggies in that is easy, flavorful and different – besides steamed or fresh – these add a great addition on the pallet.


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