Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds!

Super food for a super you!  Yes, I am talking about those little seeds similar to the most beloved chia pet.   Chia seeds are back in high demand for all their health benefits.  They were first used in 3500 B.C. in Mexico.  Get this, even back then it was used as a power food by the Aztecs.  Messengers called it their “running food” to help keep up their endurance to run all day on just a handful.  It was a very precious grain and even used as medicine.

Chia seeds are one of the highest plant sources of heart-healthy omega-3’s.  Plus they contain about four grams of fiber per serving (~ 1tbsp).  These little seeds are also packed with antioxidants – even more than blueberries!


Here are what those little seeds look like


You don’t have to grind them in order to absorb the benefits – just sprinkle and eat!

They are very easy to use – you can add to just about anything! From a previous post I even put them in meat loaf recipe called Turkey Spinach Loaf Cups.  They do not have a flavor so you can even add them to any beverage too.  They do absorb water – up to 10 times their weight, so just be aware of the consistency.  You can even add a little bit of water to a serving and make a gel that you can mix into different foods. 

If I bake with them, I do like to grind them in a coffee grinder so I do not have anything crunchy – more a texture thing for me.  I love them in my Pomegrante Blueberry Cupcakes – just grind 1/4 cup of chia seeds and add to this recipe.   You don’t even know they are in the cupcakes!


Enjoy this new super food!


For more information check out this website Chia Growers