Monday Motivation?

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So, another Monday and for some people it may mean a fresh new start and ready for the week.  For others, it may be a downer and say somebody’s got a case of the “Mondays”  (like on the movie Office Space).

But what does motivate you?  Do you say ok, I had a rough week last week and back on track with my exercise regimen and healthy eating?  Or do you say, I will wait till next month? 


I will have to say losing weight, exercise or eating healthy can be compared to cleaning the house or doing the laundry.  Sometimes I am ready to just get it done and have it over with for the day and other times I could care less.  I think that is fine if we have those days when we don’t care but not too often – try to find what drives you to do it?


Here are some questions to ask yourself why you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to decrease your risks for diabetes and control your blood sugars through exercise?

Do you want obtain a healthy body mass index (BMI)?  What is your BMI?

Do you have a big event coming up that you want to look good for?

Do you want to decrease your blood pressure levels?

Do you want to be able to move more easily?  Joints, leg pain, etc – extra weight hard on your body?


So many questions to consider but try to find the one that is right for you.   I have heard many excuses but those are only barriers for you to reach your goal.  Excuses, exsmushes – if you really want to do it you will, no one will make you – it is up to you!  So get motivated and do it!  What are you waiting for? 

Time is passing by . . . .

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