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Drumstick® Lil’ Drums(TM)  – mmmmmmmmmmm!

Just when you think ice cream, especially a drumstick, is off limits – this is the perfect size to enjoy a treat! 

For only about 140 calories enjoy a drumstick ice cream cone.  They have a couple different flavors in the box.  I tried cookie dough and chocolate brownie – both were wonderful!  I bought these on sale and only have one left and will have to say I am wanting to buy more.


The ice cream has great flavor in combination with the crunchy, chocolate cone – pure delight!

Enjoy this decadent treat, the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.


After eating the snack size, I realized my chocolate taste buds are just as satisfied as if I would have eaten a large one – agree?  It is all about portion size.  If a large one would have been in front, of course, I would eat the whole thing, waste ice cream – ARE YOU CRAZY?!  But think about this for other foods, try a smaller portions size first, and don’t forget to eat it slowly, then evaluate.  Am I still hungry?  Maybe your mind is saying yes, give me more but really listen to your stomach or your “true hunger signal”.


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  1. quiltinjeanie February 24, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Have you tried the Sweet Freedom Fudge Lites? They are very good too and only 45 calories each.

    Enjoy your blog!