Did I blow it at the drive-thru last night?

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So last night I was near a new restaurant that I rarely eat at and it was just about 6:00 p.m.    I thought to myself, “I don’t want to cook anything!” – sound familiar?   So I pulled into Chick-fill-A and ordered chicken nuggets for my daughter and I to share.   We got the 8-piece chicken nuggets and shared them so it wasn’t too bad but to my surprise here are the real facts.

                12 pc; 400 calories, 17g fat, 3.5 g sat fat (18%), 1480 mg sodium, 42 protein


What do you think?


Well, I was super surprised at the fat content.  Total fat really doesn’t bother me – it is WHAT TYPE OF FAT.   I was impressed there were only 3.5 g saturated fat (sat fat increases both good and bad cholesterol) and only 18% for the day.  Try to keep your percentage for saturated fat under 20% – not too bad for fast food.


Calories, not too bad considering we ordered the 8-piece and WOW – look at the protein!  But the sodium is where any fast food will really get you in trouble.  But come on – everything in moderation, the key is to not make it a daily habit.  If you do know you are going out to eat, try to eat lots of fruits and veggies that day that are sodium-free!   I did look at the special sauce (which I did eat the entire little 1-oz package) but let’s forget about that already – not very good in nutrition and next time I will remember that.


Now, yes – breaded, fried chicken nuggets were probably not the best choice but I love how lightly breaded they are and you get nice whole pieces of chicken – plus we didn’t have it on the bun so that was the starch for the meal (see how I compromise).   I did look at some other nutrition facts for grilled chicken and they were fantastic besides the sodium.   There are also many salads that have some great facts as well – just remember to consider a low-fat dressing.


So it all come down to MODERATION and PORTION SIZE!  Have you ever ordered from the kids’ menu?  I do this quite a bit for dessert – baby cones or junior frosty!  My husband laughs and says it is a shot of ice cream but it sure satisfies my sweet tooth.  And don’t worry, I do splurge on the regular menu too – but in moderation!


But I sure enjoyed my meal last night!  Maybe I can try it  again next month – haha!



Here is their website for more nutrition facts -  Chick-fil-A

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