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I am punching out and using my yearly “sick card” with a nasty cold and sore throat.  So now I know it is very important for me eat very well but really nothing sounds good except cold beverages – which there are some powerhouse drinks to help make me feel better!  My good ole kefir!  I know what you are probably thinking, “mmm that sounds delicious!”  Haha!  I know it doesn’t have a fancy name but it is really good and good for you!  It tastes like a yummy smoothie.  Even my chocoholic little daughter loves this stuff!


Not saying this is my “cure-all” but it will help with my boosting my immune system and provide a great source of protein, calcium, vitamin C and many other nutrients.   Kefir is like a drinkable yogurt and contains probiotics that help keep the digestive tract and the immune system healthy!  It has 10 live active cultures of probiotics or good bacteria, whereas most yogurts usually only contain one or two strains.


I even found more areas where kefir is helpful including, immune deficiency, lactose intolerance, (IBS) irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, allergies, infantile collic, high cholesterol, bad breath, yeast infections and diarrhea.   Crazy, who knew it could help all those health issues!  Check out this website for more information Lifeway Kefir


I do have another testimonial, when I was nursing my daughter and she would break out in eczema I would drink my kefir and it would help clear up her skin quickly – that was the only change in my diet.


Anyway check it out if you haven’t already – plus it is a great source of protein for a filling snack or part of breakfast (great for weight management too)!


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