Favorite Friday Product

SoBe Lifewater – 0 calories, naturally sweetened. 

I love this product and have tried every single flavor of the non-calorie waters and all are wonderful! 

They are just the right amount of sweetness and they really help keep me hydrated – especially when I know I need to drink more water but it just doesn’t sound the greatest – I go for one of these!


They do contains some vitamins and antioxidants (B vitamins, vitamin A, C and E) – nice to get some nutrients too!

They are naturally sweetened with Purvia – derived from the stevia plant.  Last spring when we were buying plants for our garden I was so excited to see Lowes carry the actual stevia plant.   I think I yelped in excitement –“STEVIA!!”  My husband gave me a weird look.  Maybe this year I will try to grow it?


I saw on their website there are coupons for buy one get one free!



*Note they also carry a line that contains many calories – just make sure the top of the bottle is the white color you see below.


Info from their website: Sobe