No, not your hair but your foods!  Eat more energy-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains versus low nutrient foods such as chips, soda, candy, white starches, etc.


In a recent study published in the June issue of the Journal of Food Chemistry and Analysis, most Americans get one-third of their calories from junk food! Yikes!  This could result in some major weight loss.  Depending upon your calorie intake this could result into a five pound weight loss each month!  No wonder they call it junk!


Make the most of your calories!!


Guess the amount of calories?

20 oz regular soda, 1 oz bag chips, 1 king size candy bar (no offense to Snickers – any king size will do – Snickers is actually my favorite, maybe just one of the minis)


Guess the amount of calories?


Actually they are the SAME at 1200 calories!!!