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Simple Slimming Satisfying Soup Recipe

Pin ItBoy, that is a tongue twister to say but all very true for this SUPER soup recipe! Eating soup… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product

Pin ItI thought since the last post was about eating more veggies, this week’s favorite should be some delicious veggies. … Continue reading »

How Do I Eat More Veggies?

Pin ItYes, we all know that we need to eat more veggies but I know it can be hard some… Continue reading »

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds!

Pin ItSuper food for a super you!  Yes, I am talking about those little seeds similar to the most beloved… Continue reading »

Monday Motivation?

Pin ItSo, another Monday and for some people it may mean a fresh new start and ready for the week. … Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product

Pin ItDrumstick® Lil’ Drums(TM)  – mmmmmmmmmmm! Just when you think ice cream, especially a drumstick, is off limits – this… Continue reading »

Satisfying Savory Snack – only 110 calories!

Pin ItNeed a little crunchy snack?  Well, Rold Gold® Cheddar Flavored Tiny Twists will hit the spot!  Serving size is… Continue reading »