Favorite Friday Product

Favorite Friday Product

al fresco all natural chicken sausages



These are delightful!  They have lots of different flavors too such as sweet apple, spicy breakfast sausages, sundried tomato, roasted pepper and asiago, buffalo style, roasted garlic and more!  I think I have tried all of them and they are all great!


I just put mine in a non-stick skillet and ate it plain but they also have many recipes on their website too for a variety of dishes.


Nutrition scoop – Only 140 calories, 2 g saturated fat, 15 g protein and 480 mg of sodium (which isn’t too bad – just try to keep your entire meal under at least 800 mg).   I love how much protein they have!  Most sausages similar to this one would have at least 25 grams of total fat but this one is only 7 grams.


They sure hit the spot!