Calories In vs. Calories Out

The equation sounds simple but we all know that it is NOT!  There is a special formula for each of us to get those magic numbers on the scale to drop down.   You can write down everything you eat and tediously keep track but how do you know how much you are burning?

Here is where this fun tool can come into play – the bodybugg®


You wear it all day long (except sleep and shower) and it will tell you how many calories your burning!  This is so much fun!  

PROS:  You hook it up to your computer and it will show you a graph  of your physical activity throughout the day.   You will be able to see there is a spike in the graph between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and remember – oh yeah, that is when I was running around the house trying to get things ready or show you specific calories burned during your workout.  It also has a built in pedometer to keep track of your steps. The website is really slick.  There is a portion that tracks calories burned and another portion where you can enter all the foods for the day.  The main graph will show you the final calorie budget.  It will tell you – you need to burn this many MORE calories to meet your goal or show you have a negative of 1,000 to meet your two-pound loss per week!

CONS: After the six-month free website membership, you will have to pay $10-14/month to keep using the website.  However, you can purchase a bodybugg® watch that can be synced up to your bodybugg®.   You can wear this watch all day long and you will instantly know how many calories you are burning!  This part is super cool because it may make you work harder during your workout.

I am a true believer of doing whatever works best for you to achieve your weight-loss goals – this just may be the trick!  Plus, it is fun and may help motivate you to move a bit more.