New you in 2010!

Today is the day, a fresh new start, a clean slate – more motivation is finally here (and if it isn’t – don’t worry)!

How can you be healthier in 2010?  Again, think small and specific – it doesn’t have to be anything big.

Here are some questions to think about for the upcoming year. 

  • How many times do I eat fast food in a week?
  • How many times are there vegetables on my plate (not fried or covered in fat)?
  • How many times are there fruits on my plate?
  • How many ounces of water do I drink in a day?
  • How many times do I set aside 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity in a week?
  • Do I eat breakfast everyday?
  • How many times to I buy (or eat) 100% whole grain bread, cereals, pasta, crackers, etc in a week?

If you find yourself going through the drive-thru more than once a week OR the fruits and veggies on your plate are slim to none OR water is rarely your beverage choice OR exercise is never on your to-do list OR breakfast is forgotten OR white starches are your favorite – then pick one of these items and try working on it this week. 

After a week, rate how you do and identify your successes and barriers.  You can try a different one each week or keep working on the same one.

These are some simple goals to think about for the new year.

Happiness and health in 2010!