Monthly Archives: January 2010

Snacks Ideas

Pin ItThink protein and fiber to help fill you up! Here are some of my favorites * 15-20 peanuts (try… Continue reading »

Turkey Spinach Loaf Cups

Pin It1 pound 99% lean ground turkey 1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained                  (put spinach in a… Continue reading »

Favorite Friday Product

Pin Ital fresco all natural chicken sausages These are delightful!  They have lots of different flavors too such as… Continue reading »

How Many Calories Do I Need? Calculation vs Metabolic Screening

Pin It If you hitting a plateau or wanting to achieve your weight-loss goal and wanting to know how many… Continue reading »

Every little bite you take. . .

Pin ItHopefully you haven’t lost hope for your New Year’s resolution yet.  And as I always say, if you have… Continue reading »

Move, Move, Move!

Pin ItHere is another reason to drag yourself to the gym or to turn on that treadmill at home. Japanese… Continue reading »

Thirsty or Hungry?

Pin ItThe majority of the time thirst is mistaken for hunger.  So make this your golden rule – Drink two… Continue reading »