New Year’s Resolutions

You are probably starting to think – ok the New Year is coming soon I am going to exercise five days a week for one hour, eat balanced meals, lose 15 pounds by next month and so on. 

Sometimes our New Year’s resolutions can be a bit complicated but SERIOUSLY – how long will we actually keep them because they are not realistic.

The key is to start out small.  An hour of exercise five times a week may a bit too much when you are not used to exercising at all.  Try 10 to 15 minutes and then increase it from there.

Set your goals very specific and small – give yourself boundaries.  Write it down on a calendar.  Something as simple as putting a smiley face or a sad face if you achieved your goal for the day.  You can even reward (non food reward, that is) yourself for all your “smiley face” days – such as getting that book you have been wanting for awhile.

Remember to make your goals small, specific and realistic!  If you fall off track the next day is always a new day. 

Here’s to happiness and health in 2010!