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New Year’s Eve Party!

Pin ItTry this yummy dip for your party ! Hot Pizza Dip Serves: 4 tablespoons, per serving | Source: Recipe… Continue reading »

Got Water?

Pin ItDo you ever get a headache? Or when you think you are hungry you reach for the first cookie… Continue reading »

New Year’s Resolutions

Pin ItYou are probably starting to think – ok the New Year is coming soon I am going to exercise… Continue reading »


Pin ItEspecially around the holidays – do you ever hear your child shout this?  Of course, everything in moderation but… Continue reading »


Pin ItChocolate – a favorite indulgent for many and even good for you!  Of course the darker the chocolate, the… Continue reading »

Merry Christmas!

Pin ItThe day where you unbuckle your pants after dinner– ahh! Or if you like me glad you are finally… Continue reading »


Pin ItStill time to bake some goodies!  Try these simply wonderful recipes for the holidays.  Both recipes are four ingredients… Continue reading »